Amazing Beaches in Bali You Just Have To See

When we discuss about beautiful beaches then there is no doubt that Bali island is the best candidate. Well, there are some good reasons why Bali has become quite popular among many tourists. Among some beautiful beaches in Bali, the most popular ones are Kuta beach and Medewi beach. Let’s see what these beaches can offer to you.

Kuta beach in Bali

The kuta beach indeed a favorite spot that many tourists prefer to visit. With its beautiful white sand, the kuta beach is a perfect place to swim and sunbathe. The beach is very tourist friendly and always full of people. Tourists can find restaurants, bars and shopping plazas around the place. The beach is not only beautiful but also safe and clean. When it comes to finding a place for staying, there are many hotels available in Kuta. During the peak season, the place is usually crowded with tourists from Australia and other neighboring Asian countries. KUTA beach is one of those beautiful beaches that available in Bali. Many would agree that visiting Bali is not complete without visiting this beach.

Medewi Beach Surf Spot in Bali

surf spot in medewi beach bali » Amazing Beaches in Bali You Just Have To See

For those who love surfing, the MEDEWI beach is a perfect choice to consider. the beach is very popular due to its high and spectacular rolling waves. If you have decided to visit Indonesia then MEDEWI beach should be taken into your consideration. Known as one of the best surfing destinations in Indonesia, MEDEWI beach offers the waves that are very ideal for both professional and amateur surfers. The fact is MEDEWI beach is not only popular for surfing as there are other great things that many tourists love from this beach. The marine diversity is another good thing that you will love from this beach. This is a good site for diving. Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, it is not really surprising if the beach is crowded however it is not as crowded as other nearby beaches.

By knowing about these popular beaches in  Bali, you can spend your holiday in Bali without losing any special moment. Both Kuta beach and Medewi beach have lots of attractions that many tourists will love. Aside from the beaches, finding the best accommodation in Bali is not difficult. Tourists have choices whether to rent a hotel or stay in the luxury villa. For those who prefer privacy and personalized services then luxury villas in Bali would be a perfect choice. Aside from KUTA and MEDEWI, tourists can also find other best beaches in Bali.