Bali Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss

Bali is a beautiful island that many people want to visit especially with some special Bali special festivals that are very entertaining. Bali has myriad events, rituals and festivals thus it is not really surprising if people from all over the world want to visit this island. Speaking about festivals, some special events are even dedicated to some gods which symbolize birth, virtue and knowledge. The other events such as blood sacrifices, fasting and retreat festivals, harvest festivals and temple festivals are all part of Bali festivals.

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Nyepi Festival

The most popular one is Nyepi festival, the day that marks the beginning of a new lunar year. During this day, everyone including tourists must remain silent. Balinese people believed that any evil spirits would pass away as they think that the place is uninhabited.

Galungan Festival

The other festival in Bali that you shouldn’t miss is Galungan. This is the festival that symbolizes the victory over the evil spirits. The festival is also known as the victory of Dharma over Adharma. The day is considered very important since many Balinese people visit their family temples during this day. In order to show respect, a local holiday has been declared during this day. Each family in Bali should plant a bamboo pole that is decorated with flowers and leaves.

Pagarwesi Festival

Aside from Galungan and Nyepi, there is also another important festival that people and tourists would love to see. Pagarwesi is the festival that is devoted towards the lord of universe. The lord is known as Sanghyang Pramesti Guru which also means as iron fence. Most Balinese people pray for Sanghyang Pramesti Guru for strong mental defense.

Festivals in Bali are colorful, entertaining and eventful. Most of these festivals are dedicated to gods that are known in Bali. These gods symbolize literature, science, arts and also holy scriptures. When visiting Bali, you will also know that there is a festival that is held to honor the goddess of knowledge, Saraswati.

With many special festivals that tourists can see when visiting in Bali, Bali is definitely one of the best holiday destinations that you should visit. Aside from these festivals, you will be surprised with other attractions available on this island. From its beautiful beaches, delicious foods and other interesting things that will give you an unforgettable experience. If you haven’t visited this island, you can ask others and they will give positive reviews about this island. Known with its Bali special festivals, Bali still has other interesting attractions.