Beauty of Nature, Culture, and Art in Bali, Indonesia

Well, a lot of destination for traveling can be found in Indonesia. If you are willing to find beauty of nature, Indonesia can be one great choice of travel destination. From many places in Indonesia, Bali is recognized to be the best. Many people around the world go to Bali on holiday. The visitors do not only come from Asia, but there are also many visitors from Australia, Europe, and America. Indeed, Bali offers natural beauty in a lot of sites. Since it is an island, you can figure out a lot of beaches there. Bali has many beautiful beaches that often be visited by many tourists including Kuta, Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Nusa Dua, and many others. In addition, the natural beauty is not only comes from the beaches, but there are also many other places that can be very attractive to visit.

Bali is not only famous because of the natural beauty. Many people also recognize Bali to be wonderful because of the culture. It is found that Bali has a lot of culture. The culture can be seen from the civilization and it is closely related to the religion. The majority of the inhabitant in the island is Hindu. So, every morning they pray in the temple that they have in their home. Every home is found to have temple for praying. They pray with ritual offering that they put in the temple and in many places on the street. Ritual offering can also be found in many buildings such as offices, shops, and many others.

balinese natural travel destination » Beauty of Nature, Culture, and Art in Bali, Indonesia

Furthermore, inhabitants in Bali are found to be very friendly. Bali also has low rate of criminality so that having vacation in Bali you do not need to be worried about your safety, though you should keep being careful. In addition, Bali also has beautiful art. The art that you can enjoy in Bali includes the dance, painting, and sculpture. In order to be capable of seeing Bali dance, there are many art centers that hold Bali dance show every night. If you are interested in seeing the dance, you can find art center there to enjoy the show.

In addition, for the art of sculpture and paintings, you can go to Ubud because it is the center of painting and sculpture art in Bali. In Ubud many artists make art works and they offer their works to tourists that come. People who are interested in learning Balinese art can also join the art foundation there so that they can learn to make paintings or sculpture. Moreover, the art of Bali can also be revealed from the building. Architecture of Bali buildings is found to be very unique. There is no place that has same architecture as Bali. The architecture is found to be traditional with many materials of stones to make temples. People in Bali make a lot of temple for the place to pray and they also make a lot of gate from stones with unique shapes. Well, traveling to Bali you will get wonderful experiences that you cannot find in other places.