Choosing a Condominium – a Place to Stay along Holiday Seasons

Deciding on how to choose a condominium to stay along holiday seasons is quite procedures. The most important of all is deciding, what condominium type you want to keep, as there are quite types of condominium you can choose. The first type we will discuss further is the new one. The term new here is literally new, means, it will be you who stay there during your holiday seasons for the very first time. A kind of condominium like that will obviously offer you more of full customization of your unit and new common facilities. It is usually cheaper depends on market conditions; you also got new home warranty protection. Yet, buying the new one means that the construction of your unit may not be completed by the expected date.

In vice versa of the first condition, the conversion one is somewhat kind of previously used for something else. It is not just a used building, but as the place is freely sold, it experienced some repairs and renovations, so it can turn into a residential condominium. It often located in established and desirable area. But conversion condominium might have old building structure and need repair as soon as possible. And remember, you don’t get home warranty for conversion condominium.

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Re-sale condominium is condominium which offered for sale by the current owner. Re-sale condominium offers you to get the condominium without any waiting periods and you got what you see. But, buying re-sale condominium may require more maintenance and repair than new ones. The common facilities are also usually not as great as new condominium. Major repair might need to be done if the condominium is too old and requires extra charge for you.

Thus, before you decide to choose the condominium for your holidays, you should check your affordability on them. There is a lot of fee you should pay when you buy condominium such as, unit sale price, upgrades, development charge, utility hookup fees, landscaping fee, and occupancy fee. But there are more expenses when owning condominium you should considerate. There is monthly common facilities fee, unit and content insurance and maintenance cost you should pay when you own condominium.

Seeing from the general side, purchasing a condominium more or less is like purchasing a traditional home. And sometimes, it is no wonder, if the price itself is quite in the range of low cost price, and a bit less expensive than a single family house. The price itself is including mortgages prices, and property taxes. Yet, a condominiums can also be afforded in the periodic (usually monthly) payment of homeowner. The paying like this actually depends on each dealer or seller and most of all are related to pay for the general maintenance of common areas around the condominium, and stuffs like that.