Culture and Natural Tour in Bali

Who doesn’t know Bali, one of the most exotic regions in Indonesia. Bali is very popular as the most destinations for holiday. Many local and foreign tourists visit this region for enjoying their long holiday. The local government and tourist object organizers of Bali have corporation to develop some beautiful and exotic object tourism for local and foreign tourist who are so interested in visiting this place. There are many people are so interested in exploring more several object tourism in Bali. Several popular tourism spots that are usually visited by local and foreign tourists consist of  Sanur Beach, GWK, Legian, Jimbaran, Dreamland, Tanjung Benoa, Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua, New Kuta Green Park, Sukawati Traditional Market, Ubud Bali, Kerta Gosa, Tenganan, Bali Safari Marine Park, Lovina Beach, Bedugul, Tanah Lot, Bedugul, Kintamani, Tampak Siring, Bali Bird Park, Bedugul Lake, Batik Galuh, Lawah Cave, Perak Celuk, Pura Taman Ayun, Pulau Uluwatu, Gowa Gajah, Joger Bali, Jatiluwih Bali, and Pura Besakih.

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Those object tourisms in Bali have given people from all around the world s to choose which one objects tourism that will be visited after arriving at Bali. For tourists who are so curious with the natural beauty of Bali, they surely have a lot of destination for being visited in Bali such as beaches, natural parks, natural lake, and many more, while for those who love so much about the traditional arts, they must try to visit some recommended destinations such as Joger Bali, Perak Celuk Center in Bali and Batik Galuh center. Then, Bali object tourisms also offer some traditional cultures and buildings such as Tenganan, Bedugul, Tanah Lot, Tampak Siring, Goa Lawah, Gowa Gajah, and Pura Besakih. Many selections of Object tourisms in Bali make people visiting it will hug many pleasant and satisfaction. They surely then will promote Bali’s object tourisms to other closed people to visit it, too. One thing that will be felt by the visitors of Bali is that they will see and feel unforgettable moments and memories of Bali. Most people who have enjoyed their holiday in Bali will share their fun and unforgettable experiences in Bali to others.

Not only the exotic and beautiful places, traditional arts and cultures that can be enjoyed by local and foreign tourists, they also will be allowed to see deeper about some traditional beliefs such as Nyepi and Wesak Days which are celebrated by Balinese. Nyepi is a new year for Balinese which falls on next 12 March 2013. A day after Nyepi, Balinese will celebrate a traditional celebration called Ngembak Geni which falls on 13 March 2013. For foreigners probably still do not understand what Nyepi is. Nyepi, according to traditional Balinese, means ‘Silence’ in which all over Balinese do not be allowed to do daily activities and also they do not be allowed to go out from home. They must keep staying at their house. When Nyepi comes, Balinese are expected to focus themselves on praying to God. That sounds so interesting, right? For you who never visit this place, just try a new and fun holiday experiences only by visiting Bali, Pulau Dewata, Indonesia.