Gites – Spending Nights at France

What about holiday if there is no activity of pleasure and leisure? Searching for a place to go is quite a job to do, and most people think the farthest the better. Then, how about France? It has been for so long, people adore France as one of the most exotic land on earth. People went to France not only seek for leisure place, but also to enjoy the multiple cultures presented. Oh wait, did I already mention of the romantic side of this country? Ah, no need, doesn’t it? It is since people all already knew about it. Well, the main thing I’d like talk about, which perhaps, not all people know is the gites of France.

As we know, having a holiday in a place that is far from home, means you have to find a place to stay. Some people take a simple way by staying in a hotel. But have you ever considered staying in a gite? It is lovely to be in Paris, but it also means that you will be broke soon enough. As one of the most favorite destination place in the world, so make sense if anything is expensive here.

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One way to get a more affordable holiday in France is by staying in a gite instead of a hotel. To those who still want to ask, what gite is, it is a kind of holiday villa or cottage located mostly in countryside area of France. In compare to the hotel, it is pretty obvious that a hotel will be more expensive and less comfortable as well. In a hotel, we will be presented in certain kind of rules, which most likely to keep the comfort with any other hotel guests. But here, in a gite, you own one house by your own (or perhaps, with your big families). So, there will be not much particular rules, except paying some renting fees.

Searching for types of gites you can get in France? Well, no worries, because you can get everything here, start from the most relaxing one up to the most romantic one. By owning holiday houses like this, you can have a situation of traveling that is less stressful, and that is actually, what our traveling should be, right? Next, talking about how to rent it, apparently it won’t be hard, as it is spread throughout the France area. You can make a contact with some gites agencies, or it can be from an individual person that rents their gites. Also, planning an exact schedule is very necessary in renting the place; this is very functional for the homeowners to check the availability of the house for you. Thus, be certain that you do it in advance times, just in case, avoid the chance of not having any houses left to book.

Some examples of famous gites in this area and around areas are for instance, An-ti feurme gite Morbihan of Southern Brittany, the Chalet Wensam at the French Alps, perfect for ski vacation on wintertime. Another example is the Château de Bussas in the Languedoc area of southern France, and last but of course not least, The Old Granary, Correze, Limousin in the Limousin countryside near Chamberet, for a private and a lovely family gite.