Holiday Cottages – Places to Stay in Bali, Indonesia

The traveling growth nowadays time has made people tries to put it as their business opportunity. You can see that from many accommodations being built special for tourists to accommodate their holiday. Now, we will talk about one of them, known with the name of holiday cottages. The holiday cottage is mostly used in Europe, it is a holiday accommodation you can rent, usually is located in a rural area. A holiday cottage is like a small house you can stay in during your holiday. Staying in a cottage gives you privacy and freedom to enjoy your break time. You can come and go, as you want just like in your own home.

Like the other holiday rentals, in order to book a holiday cottage you can contact the cottage owner either directly or through an agency. You can check out the website of the property to get more details, there will be a booking form you can fill out. There is also a contact number if you need to ask questions directly for you who have limited time. You can also book a cottage through an agency via Internet or by phone. The agency will manage all the reservation and payment.

holiday cottages in bali indonesia » Holiday Cottages - Places to Stay in Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia as one of tourist destinations also provides some holiday cottages. Bali is the number one destination for many tourists in the world. Uluwatu Cottage is one of the choices for an accommodation. This holiday cottage gives you the best view of beautiful Padang-Padang beach. If you want to have a holiday with your spouse, a romantic holiday cottage, Pondok Maya is one of the best choices. It is located in Penestanan village, 1.5 km from central Ubud, far from the city crowd. Not only Bali that has beautiful cottages, the capital city Jakarta also provides some cottages, far away from the crowd and traffic jam in Kepulauan Seribu. Holiday cottages in Pantara Island Resort give you beautiful sea landscape and relaxing moments with your family.

Some people like to stay in a hotel or motel during their holiday, but some other want privacy and freedom that they can’t get in a hotel or motel. A holiday cottage is one of the suitable places to stay during their getaway. A cottage is usually located far from the crowds, this what makes it different with other accommodations. It suits the best for you who want to relax and have family time during the day. It is also like a small private place where you can do anything you like without being disturbed by some restrictions like meal time or cleaning time. But sometimes renting a holiday cottage needs a lot of preparation; you have to think what kind of supplies you will need during your day in the cottage. It’s going to be a little difficult to find some shops around the property, that’s why you have to be well-prepared.