How to Find Villa Holidays for Your Family Getaway

Getting tired of daily routines? Do you want to go somewhere private with your family? Try to rent a villa holiday. Imagine you can sit by the pool and drink something cool, your kids play around and swim in a private pool as long as they like. Don’t bother to look for somewhere far away, in Indonesia, there are a lot of beautiful tourist sites with comfortable villas for your getaway.

A villa holiday is located near tourist sites, providing a comfortable accommodation for your holiday with your whole family. By renting a villa, you can enjoy the facilities like rooms from the cheapest one to luxurious presidential suites, swimming pool, spa and salon, gym, and children’s pool. You also have an opportunity to walk around and explore the tourist sites. Choose what you want to enjoy, maybe beach or mountain, and then you can search a holiday villa near the sites that suit you the best. To book a holiday villa, you can check the villawebsite or contact them by phone.

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One of the most popular islands in Indonesia that likely provides a lot of holiday villas is Bali. It welcomes you with its beautiful cultures and exotic beaches. You can consider Wina Holiday Villa that is located in Jl. Pantai Kuta. It is only 100 meters from the famous beach, Kuta. It is decorated with exotic Balinese architectures and facilitated with the modern facilities. If you want to enjoy a more silent site, you can choose Maya Ubud Villa, located in a beautiful town, Ubud. It is best for couples who want to spend their honeymoon or romantic holiday. Or if you want to stay in Seminyak, you can choose Villa Seminyak. You can drive only 5 minute to the nearest beach. You can also find boutiques and restaurants around.

Renting a villa holiday is the best choice for you and your family’s getaway. You can have memorable private moments and still feel like home. The children can have their own rooms, pools or playground. The mother can still cook the favorite foods for the family in the kitchen and relax in a spa. The father can watch television,sit by the pool, or play tennis, forgetting for a while his tiring days in the workplace. Compared to a hotel, a villa is more comfortable and safe. Besides that, the location of a villa is strategic for the holiday.You can enjoy the beach, village landscape, or maybe mountain near you.

But on the other side, renting a villa is much more expensive than a hotel because it is facilitated with complete family facilities. Besides, a holiday villa is usually located far from the markets. Sometimes, it’s rather difficult to find your favorite foods. Thus, you have to be fully prepared to bring food stock or cooking ingredients for the whole family.