How to Start Your Villa Rental Business in Southeast Asia

Villa rental business in Southeast Asia is currently very profitable. Southeast Asian countries that are most appropriate for the target rental villa is a country that has a potential tourism such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Indonesia, an archipelagos country, can be number one country you can choose to start your villa rental business.

Beside the many of tourism cities, Indonesia also has more than two hundred million populations, which means, the visitor possibility is widely opened. The most recommended cities in Indonesia to be Villa Rentals Business are Bali, Bandung, Malang, Yogyakarta, Lombok, Makassar, Manado, Medan, and Raja Ampat; in Thailand are Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya; in Malaysia there are Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Sipadan. All of the mentioned countries are tropical country, which only has dry and wet seasons. The temperature feels so comfortable and sunny.

villa rental business review in southeast asia » How to Start Your Villa Rental Business in Southeast Asia

If you want to run your villa rentals with ocean view, you may choose Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. If you prefer to Mountain View and green, Indonesia and Malaysia can be the right choice. Before you make a decision which country will be, it is better for you to make your own survey buy travelling to your intended country. So many tricks and strategy are used by Villa Landlord in Southeast Asia; it can be precious information for you to start your villa rentals business. The tips to rent villas are:

  1. Make an observantly check to the agencies or the property itself about the duration of the offering. Many apartments, villas, and outbound tourist spots, have a minimum time limit for rent. And the minimum amount of time is extremely diverse, from minimum lease a week, a month there is also a one year. If you are only going to be in the city less than a week, possibly short-term rental is not the answer.
  2. To get the price and the most ideal location(for example, outbound tourism, good location), it is very important for you to make an early booking. And usually there are some deals in advance so they can get a discount of outbound tourism.
  3. How many people can stay is not always the same with how many people can sleep comfortably. Find out how many low priced villas and bed there before you deposit the down payment. Do not just believe by looking at photos of the place, since it is very difficult to get an idea to the extent of the place just from photographs only.
  4. If you are going to explore the city alone, make sure you do some research before. Get all the information and contact phone number of the restaurant, museum, or other tourist attractions. Do not let just choose rental villa but the service is not good. Do not forget to bring a magazine to easy our guide.

After doing the surveys, now it’s time for you to estimate the budget. You may propose loan to the bank or make villa rentals company with your friends. You use the loan funds to rent a building or home, and then you rent out the building as villa. Looking for a house or property to be your Villa that is not new but still have a good condition. If you make villa rentals business join with your friends, it will reduce the cost and you can build your own villa in a strategic location in that country. Better location makes the higher price for rent.