Knowing More about Balinese Cultures and Traditions

Bali is so familiar and popular with ‘Pulau Dewata’ meaning the island of God. This place is also identical with faithful people to their God. That’s why many people especially foreigners regard Bali is an island with strong religious aspect where almost Balinese are so faithful to God and always do traditional and religious ceremonies.   That case then becomes an attraction for tourists both local tourist from Indonesia and foreign tourists from all around the world. The tourist are really curious about the traditional ceremonies organized by Balinese and want to know deeper how procession of those traditional and religious ceremonies. The fact then proves that one thing that makes people are so attracted to  Bali as Pulau Dewata/ Island of God beside its  exotics and natural beauties,  the answer is its interesting phenomenon related to people of Bali who always dedicate themselves to God and nature. That’s why, Bali becomes one of the best object tourisms in Indonesia. Not in Indonesia only, Bali is so popular in the world.  The evidence is that many people from all around the world choose Bali as their main destination for enjoying and spend their holiday.

kecak art show in bali indonesia » Knowing More about Balinese Cultures and Traditions

Bali has many attractions seen from arts and cultures. From culture’ sunglasses, there are several attractive ceremonies/ celebrations such as Ngaben, Nyepi, Ngembak Geni, Potong Gigi (cutting the teeth), and many more. Then, from the traditional arts, the tourists can see Kecak traditional dancing, Pendhet traditional dancing, Baron dance,  Janger Dance,  Legong Dance, Batik Galuh, and many more traditional arts from Bali. Ngaben is one of the most interesting traditional celebrations in Bali. This is cremation ceremony which is held when there is a Balinese is dead.  Ngaben is intended to help the dead man into her/ his afterlife. Balinese believe that after a death, humans will have next life called as a life afterlife. This ceremony is started by bringing the corpse into a temple then the corpse is brought into a cremation place by buffalo. The corpse then is laid on sarcophagus and then it is cremated into ashes.  By organizing this traditional death ceremony, people of Bali believe that that dead man will reincarnate into a new family. This traditional death ceremony has been organized for hundreds years and Balinese have regarded it as their custom.

Many tourists are also interested in visiting some dancing performances such as Barong Dance, Janger Dance, and Legong Dance which is performed everyday in some traditional dance centers. There, the tourists are allowed to do anything they like such as taking the pictures, joining to dance with Balinese dancers, and also they also is allowed to learn the dance they like. The traditional dance not only can be found at some big performance in some object tourisms, but the tourists can also find out the traditional dances in hotel, restaurants, and also the theater.  The dancers will attract the visitors with their beautiful and firm dancing movements which can be able to create atmosphere of hospitality for everyone who visit that place. This surely will make the visitors addict to always come again to this beautiful Bali.