Natural Holiday Destinations that Tourists Love in Bali

No matter what the reason is, Bali always becomes one of the most favorite holiday destinations that many tourists prefer to visit. If you are looking for a natural holiday destination where you can get relaxed, Bali should be included on the list. Well, if this is your first time to visit Bali, you might want to know some good places for staying. Among some locations in Bali, Seminyak has become one of the most popular areas for staying in Bali. What should you know about Seminyak?

awesome natural bali destination » Natural Holiday Destinations that Tourists Love in Bali

The area of Seminyak

Seminyak is home for a number of craft houses, bars, antique shops and independent furniture makers. The area has been labeled as the best Bali’s best party spot in some magazines. Aside from lively commercial strips along with popular dining establishments, you can ensure that you will get an unforgettable holiday experience when choosing Seminyak. Unlike a few years ago where Seminyak was only a traditional village and awash with rice fields, it has become one of the most well-recognized tourist precincts in Bali. Let’s see what attractions that the area of SEMINYAK can offer to us.

SEMINYAK is quite popular due to its sophisticated atmosphere and unique location. SEMINYAK is a mixed residential and tourist area thus it won’t be really surprising if there are many interesting activities that tourists can enjoy. Finding accommodation in SEMINYAK is also easy as the area is also known for its beautiful and luxury villas. There are also high end spas, restaurants and bars which will provide everything you need. Speaking about villas in SEMINYAK, one that can be a good choice is Villa SHANA which boasts 3 air conditioned bedrooms along with contemporary Balinese accents and combined with dramatic and homey ornaments. Something that many tourists will love when staying in SEMINYAK. There is no doubt that villa SHANA is definitely a perfect place for couples or families. With its beautiful scenery, warm sunlight and spectacular view, tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature.  Villa SHANA showcases dramatic small waterfall, fish pond and also a pavilion where tourists can stay relaxed after doing many activities.

Aside from villa SHANA, there are other villas that tourists can choose. Most villas in the area of SEMINYAK come with the minimalist design while providing topnotch amenities and facilities so that tourists can enjoy their holiday for the best experience. Marine park exploration, bird watching, safari and wave surfing, tourists will be given with plenty of choices when spending the holiday in Bali.