Reasons for choosing Bali as Travel Destination

Well, there are some good reasons why Bali island has become a popular choice among many tourists. Most tourists who have visited Bali must agree that Bali is one of the most hospitable in the world. The island has a lot to offer from its beautiful beaches, interesting activities and culture. Once you visit Bali, you will realize that Bali is not only popular for its beautiful scenery as there are many activities to enjoy when spending the holiday in Bali.

However, one important thing to do first is to find the best accommodation. If you visit Bali for the first time, there is no doubt that finding the best one is not an easy task. To help you find the best villas that meet with your needs, I have listed some good villas that offer different services.

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Best villas to choose in Bali

Here are some villas you can choose when visiting this beautiful island:

  • St. Regis Resort: For those who need personalized services in Bali, St. Regis Resort would be a good choice to consider. It has a large number of resorts and villas which can cater the needs of every tourist.
  • The new Villa Batavia: It offers great amenities and high tech services which will satisfy the needs of many tourists. Some facilities that tourists can expect are a music library with the best selection of music and Moroccan styled steam baths.
  • The area of UBUD: If you prefer to find a location where you can stay away from the urban life, the area of UBUD would be a good place you can choose. There are many villas you can choose in which you can enjoy your own privacy. One that you can choose is the hidden palace in UBUD.

Best Balinese dishes

The ideal holiday would consist of leisure activities, best accommodation and also the best cuisine. If you love food then you should know where to find some best restaurants. The area of UBUD and KUTA has many restaurants where you can enjoy eating traditional food such as Babi Guling, Lawar and Bebek Betutu. Since Bali is very famous for its herbs and spices, tourists can enjoy a wide range of food with a truly unique taste. Overall, these are some good things that you should know when you decide to visit this beautiful island. The fact is there are still many interesting things that you will love from Bali island.