Top Holiday Activities You Will Love in Bali

If you have decided to spend the holiday in Bali then you should know some best activities in Bali that you shouldn’t miss. From horse riding, bird watching, marine park exploration to wave safari, Bali is a great place for families and couples. For more information, let’s see some activities that you shouldn’t miss whenever you decide to visit this beautiful island.

holiday activities in bali beach » Top Holiday Activities You Will Love in Bali

Bali Safari and marine park

For tourists who love animals, one good place to visit in Bali is the Bali safari and marine park. This is the place that is specially designed for animals to live in a natural area. The best part is tourists can get closer to them. While enjoying the safari journey, you can get up close to many species. So for animal lovers, Bali safari and marine park should be included on the list.

Horse riding

Tourists can travel through sloping rice terraces while riding horse. From the selection of courses for beginners and horses you can ride, horse riding is one good activity that tourists should consider if they want to experience the serene surrounding of the Bali’s island west coast.

Nusa Dua, Bali

For those who love water sports and activities, Nusa Dua is definitely a perfect place to consider. The beach is very popular among tourists and a visit to Bali is not complete without visiting the beach. Tourists can enjoy a wide array of water sports from jet skiing, flying fish, fishing, banana boat and also water skiing. The beach is always full with tourists.

JIMBARAN seafood

Aside from its beautiful beaches, Bali is also quite popular due to its delicious foods. There are many seafood restaurants that tourists can choose when spending the holiday in Bali. The best one is available in the famous JIMBARAN beach. With the view of sunset that is amazing and the cool sea breeze, tourists will also be entertained by Balinese dancers while dining under the stars.

Bali Spa

After doing lots of activities in Bali, this is your time to get relaxed by choosing spa treatments. Bali is very popular due to its excellent spa treatments. Balinese women use gorgeous smelling products which will pamper your body and take you to the state of a bliss.

These are some activities tourists can enjoy when visiting Bali, the fact is there are more activities that Bali can offer. Underwater walking, private boat charter, white water rafting and canyon tubing are other activities in Bali that tourists can consider.