Top Vacation Activities in Bali

Are you looking for some top things in Bali? Well, there are plenty of things to do in Bali. Speaking about this island, Bali has made a great reputation for being one of the best holiday destinations in Asia. Speaking about activities you want to do, Bali has many things to do as the island does cater the needs of every tourist. It doesn’t matter whether you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery or you want to do some water sports, Bali has everything that tourists want. For example, tourists can enjoy a spa treatment in Bali. For those who want to enjoy the parties, KUTA would be a perfect place to consider. To give you more ideas about some activities you want to do in Bali, We have listed some activities that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Bali.

things to do in bali » Top Vacation Activities in Bali

Best things to do

  • Shopping : The first activity I want to recommend to you is shopping. Many people love shopping and I can ensure that you will also enjoy this activity when visiting Bali. When it comes to finding shopping centers in Bali, there are many areas from the area of SEMINYAK to KUTA.   
  • Surfing: If you love surfing then Bali has many beautiful beaches that are very suitable for this activity. Among some beaches available in Bali, the best one is MEDEWI beach. This is the best beach that many surfers both amateurs and professionals prefer to choose.
  • Visiting temples: Bali is also quite popular due to its historic and culture. Bali has many temples and one that you can visit is ULUWATU temple. This is the most popular temple. When visiting this temple, you should be careful with the cunning monkeys that love snatching the cameras and bags from visitors. The other temple you can visit is TANAH LOT. This is a temple that provides a perfect scenery to a sunset during April to November.
  • KINTAMANI volcano tour: If you love sightseeing tours then KINTAMANI tour should be taken into your consideration. this is the area where you can see an active volcano. Don’t forget to watch the sunrise, this is an activity that you will never forget when visiting Bali.

More activities to consider

Aside from some activities mentioned above, there are other activities that you can include on your list. Some of these activities are Elephant safari park, water boom park, Bali safari and marine park and white water rafting. So if you have a plan to visit Bali, these are some top things in Bali you can do when visiting this beautiful island.