Unique Traditional Arts and Culture in Bali – Indonesia

As you may have known, Bali is popular as the paradise island in the middle east of Indonesia. Through the years, there are many tourists, domestic and international, who come to Bali and enjoy the atmosphere there. Surrounded by ocean and completed with sandy beach and deep blue water, No wonder if Bali has become something popular travel destinations. Due to the fact that this is island has many beautiful beaches, you can also find that this is the heaven place for surfers. Both the amateur and professional surfers will come to Bali just to try their skills. Yet, beaches and other water sports are only some of the reasons why people would love to visit Bali. In fact, there are many attractive things. As one of the exotic islands in Indonesia, Bali has many impressive culture and traditions. This makes tourist from other countries visit Bali, to see the tradition and culture from the native there. Each year, there are many ceremonies and rituals of local religions celebrated there. It is not only that, but you can also find the great stories as the legends and the myths of the island.

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Some of the ceremonies and rituals are Nyepi, which means “silence” in local language and the people there should do nothing and are not allowed to light up their houses, Ngaben, which is the rituals for the dead to be burnt, like cremation in modern days yet this is full of ceremonies and custom traditions, and many more. It is not only that, but you can also see Bali dancers dance in certain events to worship the gods and goddesses there. There are many kinds of dances that you can find, and the dancers are not only women, but also men too. The women dancers usually dance “pendet” and the other Bali traditional dancing, while men dancers are usually dance “kecak”. Each of them has its own attraction with the gorgeous motions. The natives believe that Bali is the place where they wee born, die, and soon reincarnate. They also believe that their reincarnations depend on their attitudes in the world. They keep being reincarnated until they are purified. That is one of the reasons they keep the traditional rituals, ceremonies, and traditions, to show their appreciation towards their gods and goddesses.

Speaking of reincarnation, it is related closely with “Ngaben” tradition. In fact, it is not only the usual cremation, but also the traditional ritual to guide the dead to the afterlife. It is all started with the dead brought to the temple. After that, the family will still take care of the corpse as if she/he is still alive. The main part of this ceremony is when the corpse is placed inside the sarcophagus and burnt. After that, people believe that the dead will reincarnate and get a new life. You will be surprised seeing that in this ceremony there is no mourn and moan since the family believes that the dead will soon come back to life.