Why Choose Ubud when Visiting Bali?

Have you ever visited Bali? Well if this is your first time to visit Bali, Ubud is one great location you can visit. It is located only 35 kilometers from Bali and is considered as an amazing place for many activities. For those who love shopping, Ubud is definitely a perfect place they shouldn’t miss. Not only shopping, Ubud is also known as a home for plenty of art and native culture. Once you visit the Bali island, setting your foot on this location would give you an unforgettable experience more than you could imagine before.

Activities to Do in Ubud

Ubud is not only a perfect location for shopping enthusiasts, for those who love art, they will be given with plenty of beautiful crafts and arts. Ubud offers a wealth of historic museums and temples for tourists to discover. Many areas in Ubud can be explored by foot and bicycle and hence makes the experience even more exciting. You can enjoy exploring every area in Ubud while seeing the beauty of flora and fauna. You can see some rare bird species and exotic animals. You can also see rice paddles along the way. While spending some interesting activities in Ubud, it is also easy to find a villa to stay.

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Where to stay in Ubud

Spending the night in Ubud would be more exhilarating if you know where to find the best villa.

  • Puri Ahmisa offers the harmony, peace, nature which will make you feel relaxed. The villa also offers the best relaxing and soothing methods by featuring a wide array of services such as meditation, yoga and detoxification, all of which are sure to make you feel. relaxed
  • Amori Villa: The next villa is Amori Villa which will offer you with amazing views and incredible services. Once you decide to visit this villa, you are ready to spend your best night in a little piece of paradise. The villa comes with five private residential suites with each suite offers unique architectural furnishings and characteristics. Amori villa also comes with a one bedroom villa and four twin suites.
  • Bali Mountain Retreat: if you want to enjoy some best Balinese cuisine, this villa offers you with authentic Balinese cuisine combined with heart welcoming service and traditional architecture. Bali mountain retreat can cater all your needs whether you stay as a couple or group.

These are some best places that you can choose when staying the night in Ubud.